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Our participation in the local farmers' markets, as well as a sincere desire to evolve has led us to implement a variety of strategies that incorporate sustainability as a priority in our operations and in the menu items we offer.

Our sustainability inititatives include:

Offering a majority of sustainably harvested or raised fish and seafood items on our menu.

Partnering with the Ocean Wise program out of the Vancouver Aquarium to ensure up to date knowledge on species at risk.  

Sourcing our menu items from suppliers that are aware, engaged and educated in the realm of sustainable food systems.

Reduced chemical waste outputs by switching from white cardboard to brown 100% recycled cardboard boxes for our food.

Reduced the consumption of plastics by switching to smaller sized bags for vaccum packaging and box liners.

Flash frozen fish and shellfish has a lesser carbon footprint because it is shipped/transported via truck or rail as opposed to aircraft transport.

We recycle plastics, cardboard, paper within our office and operations department.

We have switched to LED light blubs in our office.

We are striving to further improve our sustainability initiatives.

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Dor-Bel International Fine Foods
7711 Macleod Trail S
Calgary, AB T2H 0M1
Ph: 403-560-2646
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